High voltage motors and their use in practice

Do you know what mean high voltage motors?

The world of technology is fascinating for many of us and is therefore nothing special when we want to pursue it in professional life as well. Many people have been working for years to make our lives easier, but also more interesting thanks to modern inventions. Do you know the feeling when you bring home the latest model of your phone, smart watch or tablet? Discovering new features is the hobby of many of us. However, such electric motors are also a great discovery in the world of electronics. Do you know what are high voltage motors? Read more to learn more!

What is the main difference between low voltage and high voltage motors?

Benefits high voltage motors
Low and high voltage motors

For many people is not sometimes clearly what means high voltage motor. They consider low voltage motor for high voltage motor or high voltage for low voltage. It is a mistake and we would like to explain you the main difference. The limits for voltage are modified in the IEC 60038 standard:  

low voltage motor is up to 1000 V

medium voltage motor is from 1000 V to 35 kV

high voltage motor is over 35 kV

Motor´s lifetime is influenced by height of voltage. Higher voltage – longer lifetime. That is the reason why high voltage motor has to be made in the highest quality. Testing of all components is necessary. Low voltage motors are usually tested only for thermal lifetime. High voltage motors or medium voltage motors are tested for thermal lifetime too and electric lifetime in addition. A good manufacturer of electric motors has to have documentation on all motors which produce. The best manufacturer of electric motors also have to improve the production every year and be sure that his products are the best on the market. It is necessary to realize that connection of medium or high voltage motor is more complicated that connect to low voltage motor. It requires special advice and close dialogue. Choose the best on the market of high voltage motors and visit the website https://vyboelectric.com/high-voltage-slip-ring-motors/.